1. Pigeons will be received in the period

 1 march 2017 to 31 may 2017

2. Participation tax 30 euro/pigeon. Team  4+1= 120 euro. NO additional activation

Transport 5- 10 euro. Pigeons must have rings of 2017

3.  Pigeons must be vaccinated against Paramyxovirus 15 days before bringing to columbodrom.

4.  On the first workout all pigeons rings will be bandaging with a stiker. Pigeons lack the inventory can be replaced for free by ascending 2018.  If before the semifinal (Ternopoli) a breeder will have none of pigeons enrolled in columbodrom about to start, it will receive a discount of 50%  for the same number of pigeons in the next year.

5. Before the final stage will send pedigrees with coupons property, otherwise law dove belongs columbodrom    PRIMSTAR-GHIDIGHICI default owner losing the right to reclaim the awards pigeons.

6. The first 100 pigeons in the final will be sold through online auction at a later stage final, 50% of the price obtained will go to the owner, and 50% by the organizers after they decrease expenses auction. Auction will be done on columbodrom Corabia web-site.

7. Unsold pigeons can be bought by the owners within 10 days after completion of the auction with the amount of 10 euro, after 10 days  will remain in possession of columbodrom. 

8.  In cases of force majeure (eg epidemics, avian flu, bad weather), the organizers reserve the right to modify the program for training and competitions, including the date and distance from which will be held the final stage.